The Evolution Series


"Creating visual arts for me is an expression of my being.

My art represents me, my understanding and my innermost deepest feelings.

Creating art is my Social Communication, my Creativity is my Voice."

2015   MIAMI   -   NYC   2016

The Evolution Series Explores our individual&Group consciousness in Spirituality, Religions, Universal Consciousness and

Oneness via Mixed Media Approach.


The series are built as 3Dimensional Wall Sculpture Light Box Installations in layers after layers and they work as normal 3D wall sculptures, or light installation sculptures with the in-built lighting, or "Glow in the Dark" wall sculptures in complete darkness for their UV qualities, or under Fluorescent Light UV tubes the fluoroscent in the works lights up -making these wall sculptures exciting objects to play with.


Mixed Media: Each Lightbox has materials worth of €200, including Swarowsky Crystals and especially the rare vintage fine cut Swarowsky crystals from 70's, the earth crystals, cold leaf, copper wires, double layered canvases with inbuilt backlighting and working the pieces takes weeks, full 8 hours days minimum.


31cm x 31cm x 8cm

BERLIN   2016


A beautiful Poem was written about my Evolution NO.1 by wonderful Poetress, Zoe Owl, read on:

"Golden Angel Winged One"

By Zoë Owl

Author of 'SOULUTIONS: Soul Healing Poetry To Set Your Soul Free' available to purchase at and Amazon

Golden Angel Winged One

As if by magic you came to me

a total surprise

I had to rub my eyes

to believe you were really real you see

how could this be?

that a rainbow golden orb Angel came to me,

when it was least expected

that a Galatic soul would be detected

inside of me in the very heart of the centre of my being

from this pure gift there was no fleeing

but rather a full embrace

of a rainbow soul race,

of a tiny gigantic dear human face

that came to me with love and in pure Divine grace

Created with Goddess Mother Gaia love on 13/01/2016

The Magical touch of Healing Energy

What makes The Evolution Series so special?

Each Artwork incorporates Earth Crystals and Healing Patterns.

"For Thousands of years Crystals have been used for Healing, for protection and for adornment ... Crystals transmit and receive energies. They transmute and transform, attract or repel. The most powerful may appear dull - until the beneficial effects are felt. They bring serenity to a home, peace to an individual. They protect or heal, attract abundance, and create love. Objects of beauty in their own right, they enhance the environment wherever they are placed."

-Judy Hall, The Illustrated guide to Crystals

As a Natural Healing Therapist, Energy Healer, I dive into very basic Quantum Physics that acknowledge that we are all made up of energy,

as is everything around us. Even our thoughts and motions are energy.

Each Individual Art Work is programmed with Healing Patterns relating to the subject matter:

The Evolution NO.1 -Oneism

Earth Crystals:   Clear Madagascar Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Green Fluorite, Amazonite, Dark Green Aventurine.

Programmed Energy Healing Pattern/Reiki Blessing for Unconditional Love

The Evolution NO.2 -Catholic

Earth Crystals:   Citrine

Programmed Energy Healing Pattern/Reiki Blessing for Purity & Grace, and Financial Wealth

The Evolution NO.3 -Paganism

Earth Crystals:   Pyrite, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Grey Moonstone

Programmed Energy Healing Pattern/Reiki Blessing for Connection & Respect Towards Nature and Animals, Understanding of Universal Alignments and Natural Cycles

The Evolution NO.4 - Satanism

Earth Crystals:   Obsidian

Programmed Energy Healing Pattern/Reiki Blessing for Personal Growth & Power

My beautiful Faith Healer friend Kenneth Hahn in US, travelled to New York at April the 17th 2016

and gave the Evolution Series NO.1-4 extra energy charge and activating blessings.

You find more from Kenneth's incredible healing services by clicking the icon below: