Graak's fine art works are often 3 dimensional wall art pieces exploring into the multidimensional human experience. She mixes wide range of medias with detail in surface design that brings the art works alive reacting strongly in different lighting and experiments connecting lighting in the actual body of the artworks. She is an avid student of colour therapy and extensively uses Vintage Swarovski crystals and semiprecious gemstones, carefully combining the healing qualities of the stones in her art.


Suffering from a perfectionist personality trait Graak is obsessed on "letting go" with experimental abstract painting

which she tremendously suffers to master, but always continues to explore. Her Galaxy-series is somewhat a mid-ground for

letting her experiment freely, yet still be in full control of the finish and perfect the details.




"Creating is the definition of my existence. It is the silently signed contract with the Creation to share the multi leveled artistry gifted.

I return my gift in the form of multi artistic concepts, productions and craft”


"Creating is an expression of my being. My art represents me, my understanding and my innermost deepest feelings.

Creating art is my social communication, creativity is my voice."




The Multiverse and the Omniverse and the endless human possibilities in creating one's realities in the multi-dimensional human experience

always fascinate me tremendously and I am always exploring into my own possibilities and understanding of the whole.

To me, the Galaxies represent the outer worlds and the outer look an individual takes when leaving the every day consciousness into the body the soul habits

and being able to take off to exploring the limits of the understanding from the point of view from the unattached being.

In dreamstate and in meditation the possibilities are endless, and traveling beyond human realities is liberating.



The Evolution Series Explores our individual&Group consciousness about Spirituality, Religions, Universal Consciousness and

Oneness via Mixed Media Approach.


The series are built as 3Dimensional Wall Sculpture Light Box Installations in layers after layers and they work as normal 3D wall sculptures, or light installation sculptures with the in-built lighting, or "Glow in the Dark" wall sculptures in complete darkness for their UV qualities, or under Fluorescent Light UV tubes the fluoroscent in the works lights up -making these wall sculptures exciting objects to play with.

Photos taken at the Berlin Exhibition, June-July 2016



"The Android Exhibition” tackles the question of Humanity

The corporate&individual overtake and the monetarism is killing Individual Free Thinking.

We ARE turning into Androids? When is the ‘Homo Sapiens’ being upgraded to the next level of Evolutionary Existence:

‘Homo Androidus’, from “Wise Man” to “Bicentennial Man”?

Photos from the London Chelsea Exhibition, February 2015



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