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Exotic Organ Paradise DAY and NIGHT concentratee on subjects as Genetic Modification, Cloning, Stem Cell Research and Illegal Organ Trade.

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"The Exotic Organ Paradise"

Exotic Organ Paradise DAY and NIGHT concentratee on subjects as Genetic Modification, Cloning, Stem Cell Research and Illegal Organ Trade.

I am not the least scientific individual, yet I find extremely interesting theories made into possible facts that an "Organ" could be as feeling as an individual itself, storing feelings and emotions. Transplanted Heart is know to store even the previous heart breaks and fear within its non-understandable memory layers. Faschinating.

The human being is a breathing, feeling, living organism with intelligence structure and possibilities for radical Physical and Spiritual development. We often underestimate ourselves as a race, yet more often largely overestimate our abilities and intelligence seeing the Human Race as a God Race of highest intelligence available interplanetary. Yet the furthest we have been able to physically conquer (as believed and known by masses) is the Moon, and hence imagination is the limit for possibilities to be made realistic and then real as time -the way we understand it- radically expands, I would argue for our abilities as individual intelligent thinkers and how capable we at our limitations are to Understand the Big Picture of Life, Evolutionary Existence and Ourselves, hence our possibilities within our trapped bodies and unlimited imagination.

Organ trade and stem cell research are a billions of dollars business around the Globe floating in the finances to legal and illegal trade. Unfortunately most often the "less privileged" get their unfair share of the illegal side.

Some common terms you will get familiar with when looking into the Organ Business are: Organ Trade, The Deadly Trade of Child Organ Trafficking, Organ Snatchers and Harvesting Organs.

There are cities of "Blind Children" around the Globe who's eyes have been savaged for the more Privileged to regain their site back. There are prisons reported around the Globe, where the prisoners are covered in cuts and stitches after their organs are being removed for the use of others. All for profits of the few, sacrificing precious human lives for gaining capital.

Falun Gong, which is a Chinese Spiritual Discipline for Mind and Body and a group that suffers from its members being imprisoned and turned into Organ Slavery. I got the idea for The Exotic Organ Paradise DAY and NIGH after meeting members of the Spiritual Discipline and listening to their stories.

When we move to the more legal Organ trading, we find donors, laboratory research for growing organs as 3D, as part of the "beings" and often as part of another living, breathing, feeling, being animal race such as mice and pigs.

If we start with Organ Donations, we have the beautiful picture of a crash victim loosing the loop of life and letting go, and being cut in pieces at an operations table only to give the precious gift of life to a person in need of catching the lasso before it is too late. The "newly born" individual with the new organ transplant therefore continues his/her life, but not as normal. Every organ stores genetic data of the birth owner and holds the birth owners memory structure which therefore transmits the emotions and feelings to the new owner. The new owner therefore lives the rest of his/her present life in a practical duality where he/she not only shares the memories of herself/himself, but the donor individual in question.

In short terms this means that the person in need of receiving a Transplant from a Donor is to receive more that bargained for -yet when battling with the great question "To Be or Not To Be" I believe I personally would opt in living my life in Duality.

Mixing DNA is an interesting, yet a scary subject. When giving or receiving blood, one should be aware that Blood Transfusion transmits another individuals DNA via the transfusion which mixes with the DNA of the person 'in need'. It is reported that individuals have felt "not being themselves" after the transfusions, after they pick the other person's personality trades and habits via the information stored in their DNA. The same happens for women baring children, as every man the mother ever slept with left a trace of his DNA in the woman's DNA system, therefore transferring parts of this foreign male DNA to the newborn -interesting, not maybe the most exciting news, but then think of inbreeding? Via organs...you're given the foreign DNA as a gift. So how about having male DNA transferred to a female? Or scenario where the male gay or trans (could be female) DNA would be transferred to a hetero male? Interesting possible theoretical outcomes.

When talking about growing human organs and human parts in animals, the audience will be very much divided in two. I find it interesting that the destruction of Atlantis is said to have happened for one reason being the humans using their skills for "bad" and starting to cross modify humans and animals. You only need to Google "growing organs on mouse" or "growing organs on pig" to access successful cross modification of human and animal, even if the grown organs were human stem cell based.

The ethics behind killing one for the sake of another should be looked into as well, although our self proclaimed Super Privileged Existence as the highest individual intelligence in the current Atmosphere sees the ones below as "can be wasted" for greater good. Same goes within human race.

When (possibly/surely in the future) growing organs in laboratories, we need to look into the "feeling and having memories" process. If an organ stores feelings and has in-stored memories, where does it add the science on the scale of correct actions to be taken. If, say, your future kidney was grown inside a glass jar, what kind of memories would the organ store? What kind of feelings would it have? What kind of an environmental change it would have to go through to be transferred into a living and Breathing organism, as human. The memory structure the kidney would hold would be everything that most of us hopefully would have never experienced as their primary or even secondary base of environment. What about the tests that were performed to the poor idney during its growth process? If we can expect the kidney to create a memory bank of its short lived life, how would the thinking human brain read this memory bank information? Or would it mean that we would just receive a blank non-feeling kidney, as having your left kidney acting as a coach potato whilst your right kidney would have all the exciting memories to share with you along your life?

What about actually creating human based organisms that are under developed and having no brains, so they cannot be counted as humans. These non-human organisms would then grow the organs and when the organs would come in need to be used, the organs would be removed and the organism terminated. No harm there, as the organism wasn't thinking, hence called human. But what happens within the organism? The organism would still be of human origins, only modified to support the artificial organic growth being where the organs were attached to. What if the organism did create intelligence? Would the organism soon become an individual, and removing the organs a premeditated murder? The science and ethics do not always make a match, hence a most of the experiments being done behind the closed doors where the ethics have no entrance, and only fragments of results even after possibly years of research, and testing are then dusted for our current communication standards, labeling everything under the safe haiven on "Medical Research".

And what if it was not just for the alienish organic growth...what if it was a demorf clone sample of a DNA owner human..? With brain activity, bodily modified part existing or

just purely locked in to exist at a vegetablish child mind state during the life long until the being in question was completely used and exposed.

There have been news of these laboratories existing in the Western Society, yet these news have been disqualified as rumors exactly as the rumours that in certain places you can pay to shoot a living person and there have been proofs for the allegations, but as shooting humans, the human cloning and growing human based organisms are rumours so do not exist.

3D printed organs are the cool thing to look forward. If you ever saw the Bicentennial man and the questioning of humanity at different levels, you might vote for the 3D organs to be the most valued option of all. But then, do we really want to look into immortal life? Doesn't the soul have its own mission to follow?

My Android Series looks more into the subject of humanity and reaching its different levels, and how to define a human.

Several great films are being made that relate to the subject (these are my favourites):

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The Bicentennial Man (2009)