The Crossing Mediums

Visionary Multi Artist

"The Crossing Mediums"

Experimental on-going dance movement film project beginning year 2016

Graak is an educated filmmaker with a Degree from the prestigious University of Arts London, London College of Communication (alumn 2006).

She was taught by the cult filmmakers William Raban and Ken McMullen concentrating her studies on Fiction Directing and Editing.


She never felt herself as a classical filmmaker, but was always drawn more towards something in between

Fine Arts Filmmaking and Classical Story Telling not quite crossing either genre.


Graak made her career as an Editor, Camera Person and Director in Film and TV and as a Digital Broadcast Media Producer in London, UK.

She worked in sound design and animation, directing live broadcast events and shoots and doing live vision mixing.


"As a trained dancer herself, Graak concentrates her poetic personal film work on creating short films based on

improvised dance movement and investigation into the artistic direction from the mixed media aproach."



Graak Produces and Directs her own artistic short films.

"CROSSING MEDIUMS - THE BEGINNING" has its world preview at October 2017 at the "Crossing Arts" exhibition in Graz, AUSTRIA

Teaser 1 & 2 - "Crossing Mediums - The Beginning"

Follow the contemporary dance performer and choreographer

In the experimental Short Film Format the dancer interpretes the composed musical piece to the audience via visual media.

The format is based on Synesthesia where the individual's senses are creating mixed sensory experiences.


The idea was created by Graak 2012 while she worked in London as a Producer producing live Broadcasts online and listening to music. She received a private message on chat from her manager saying "we really love your voice, but it's a little hard to concentrate when you are tapping rhythm all the time with your feet".

She had no idea the music had totally taken over her. Soon she started to explore into the idea of how the music affects individual, and eventually found a respons for it all: Synesthesia. Soon the different elements started to fly in: Graak wanted to show the world what she could feel and see in music.


With her life partner and dazzling musical genius Music Producer/Composer Sebastian Galassi, she started to explore into the music that would be the key element of the whole creation process. Along a great production team and great dancers around the possibilities to bring the "Crossing Mediums" alive felt finally possible.

“Crossing Mediums - The Beginning”



Producer, Director, Art Director: Rigulio Graak

Dance Performance: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Music and Music Production: Sebastian Galassi

Director of Photography: Dan Öhman

Costume: Maikki Tielinen

Visual Post-Production: Rigulio Graak


Special thanks to Isael Cruz Rojas and Jyri Mustakallio


Sposored by: Austrian Embassy Helsinki, Goethe Institute, Laavu Filmi, Kinos Cine Rentals, Tikkurila

Photos below are Rough Production Photos from the "Crossing Mediums - The Beginning"

The "Making Off"


“Crossing Mediums - Exploration” - 2018 (FILM)


SWEDEN/FINLAND Planning - The Crossing Mediums Artistic Dance Format continues building up starring the Stockholm based performer starlet

Maria Huhtinen - Follow her here:

Maria brings some character to the second part of the classic Crossing Mediums thematics where the dancer explores the composed piece interpretating the music to the audience. The key team of "Crossing Mediums - The Beginning" with the Music Producer/Composer Sebastian Galassi and

Costume Designer Maikki Tielinen will be supporting the "Exploration" and in the making is something very different...stay tuned.

“Crossing Mediums - TBC” - 2018 (FILM)



2018 “Crossing Mediums - The Sugar Plum Fairys” (Number of Live Performances & FILM)


FINLAND Planning - The "Crossing Mediums" dance performance series spreads out taking a Charitable Approach.

"Sugar Plum Fairys" was inspired by my best friends long battle with cancer

and from the aim to bring light and happiness especially amongst the little sufferers needing hospital care.

In this experimental Short Film Format the little performers explore and interprete the composed musical piece to the audience via visual media.