Art Society Soho Helsinki

Visual Artist


The first Independent International Branch of the Art Society Soho

The Founder and Artistic Director of ASS Martin Vinter-Jackson photographed in London by Graak (at left)

The Founder and Artistic Director of ASS Helsinki Rigulio Graak photographed in London by Hyder Images


The Art Society Soho (ASS) is an exclusive salon of established and emerging artists. Founded late 2014 in London, UK, the concept is now going Global with the opening of its first independent international branch, Art Society Soho Helsinki, in Helsinki, Finland.


The ASS is organized by artists themselves and fulfills a number of roles such as organizing shows, mentoring, advising and promoting member artists and arranging monthly meetings for the members where the artists are offered with: information and latest news at the arts market; opportunities; inside track; visiting specialist speeches/lectures from gallery owners, curators, art critics and journalists etc.; sponsorships and a chance to network and connect with other like-minded creatives. ASS features its artist members creating an easy to connect platform with the audience.


The ASS Helsinki is a mismatch of creative talents from fine artists to performers and musicians, mastering a wide variety of crafts and concentrating on putting their skills together on creating magnificent arts events and audacious happenings. ASS Helsinki works closely with the London Society and also concentrates efforts on international showcases and collaborations.