Rigulio Graak is a Classically Educated Award Winning Multi Artist, Artistic Director, Culture Producer and Exhibition Curator. Her productions are exhibited internationally.

Her works cross borders somewhat from artistic film productions to mixed media fine arts.

Graak focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences and aspects of consciousness while often exploring the life and purpose of being.

"Crossing Mediums - The Beginning" Production Preparations, getting messy on the stage and testing the visual media :D Helsinki, Finland, October 2016

A LOT OF FUN!!!!!!!! -Go get messy!

Graak is the Founder & Chairwoman of

"Women Artists Born Global Network"


Graak is the Founder & Chairwoman of

"Art Society Soho Helsinki"





Rigulio Graak is an Award Winning Classically Educated Baltian Artist and Filmmaker with a BA Honours Degree in Film and Video

from the reputable University of the Arts London, UK, LCC.


Graak started to draw at the age of 2, started her ballet lessons at the age of 4 and trained intensely in Fine Arts, Performing Arts -starring mainly in musicals,

Music -she is a classical pianist and a singer composer and in various Dance techniques -she never became a dancer due to a knee injury at the age of 12.


"My family is vivid creative spreading from Ballet Dancers to Opera Singers and Fine Artists.

I spent my early childhood performing Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker with my Ballet Dancer Father, having the stage between red velvety curtains

separating the hall and the living room. I would be lifted up touching the ceiling and giving scared looks down at my Costume Designer Mother,

who between our home performances, would take me on the Film/TV/Theatre sets.

My earliest memories would be having a hidaway and crawling under the tables at the National Film&TV Production House,

or being childminded by actors at a backstage on a Live TV Broadcast and popping my nose straight out between the -again,

big red velvety curtains while a band was playing on stage. It was one of those late evening recordings and mummy didn't get a nanny for me. It was a blast!

Dad would take me to the backstage of the old Opera House, and I would touch the carefully crafted costumes

dreaming of one day performin as one of the white swans in the Swan Lake.


It was rather obvious from birth I was to become an artist myself."s



From early 2001 Graak lived in UK. Graak studied BA Honours Fine Arts in North England, walked out of the Degree and moved to Greece to work a while

as a podium dancer. In her return she shortly located to London, which she still today calls her "Spiritual Home".

She studied Photography, Film Theory and Video Making, and was accepted to do a Degree in Film.


"I remember my Editing Teacher telling me

"When you walked in the interview and showed me your first film I said

'she is a ready made editor', I had to get you on the course."



She started freelancing 2005 as an editor and camera person, Graduated 2006, worked extensively in Casting from 2008 and got an Editor’s position

in a Production House at 2010 working as an Online TV Editor and a Camera Person. 2011 she started to work as an Independent Producer on the side and finished her

short film “The Split Second” which she Produced and Directed. Early 2012 she joined the Crew as an Editor for an Award Winning Indie Feature Film "The Journey"

by Lance Nielsen starring Jason Flemyng and Duncan Pow. The film had its Premiere at November 2014 at London’s Curson Soho Cinema.

Spring 2012 She made a move to Web Broadcasting and worked in London as a Digital Media Producer being responsible for numerous daily Live Broadcasts in EMEA, US and APAC Regions. She left UK at the end of 2015. 2016 Rigulio started the production of "The Crossing Mediums" the series where dancer explores a composed musical piece via visual media based on the idea of Synesthesia. The series is a continuing production of individual experimental films. The first performer of the Crossing-Mediums Saga was dancer Aldina Michelle Topcagic. The film was previewed st the "Crossing Arts" Exhibition (concept by Topcagic and Graak) in Austria 2017. Aldina thereafter took the concept around European galleries and stages and Opened the Sarajevo Ballet Festival 2018 with the concept. Moving on to 2018 the experimental short film "The Asylum" starring Maria Huhtinen was filmed in Helsinki.

"The Crossing Mediums - The Beginning" will have its premiere at Kino Tapiola at spring 2019.


"For me filmmaking is all about manipulating captured history to create an illusion the director desires.

The audience is asking for an experience, a creative concept to float into while forgetting the world.

The responsibility of a filmmaker is to provide this alternative reality."



Graak returned to her roots in producing Mixed-Media Arts at summer 2014 opening with a Solo Exhibition at London Chelsea in February 2015. Since then she has had exhibitions in UK, Germany, Finland and USA. Most notable exhibitions to mention: Spectrum Miami 2015, Artexpo NewYork 2016, the group exhibitions with the prestigious British Art Society Soho at the spring 2016, and her Berlin Solo Show at summer 2016. 2018 she has extensively curated and exhibited at the Culture Factory Korjaamo at Helsinki, being the Korjaamo gallery Curator from September 2018 onwards.


May 2017 Rigulio Graak Founded the "Art Society Soho Helsinki" www.artsocietysohohelsinki.com

May 2018 Graak Founded the "Women Artists Born Global Network" www.wabg.net


"Creating visual arts for me is an expression of my being and my most notable desires.

My art represents me, my understanding and my innermost deepest feelings.

Creating art is my Social Communication, my Creativity is my Voice."


Rigulio Graak's artistic trademark can be seen at well-crafted 3Dimensional wall-sculptures and experimental Mixed Media paintings. Her multidimensional surface design plays with reflections, light and matte surfaces, creating artwork that is ever changing and never settles to stillness. She is well grafted as the “Queen of Glitter” making her artworks sparkle with style, encrusted with her passion vintage Swarovski crystals, gold leaf and semi precious earth crystals.

The artist is endlessly restless on exploring new ways of creating, ruthlessly mixing materials and trusting on strong bonds and long drying times. For her creating is meditating and connecting to the Source of all Creation.

"My works have the life force in them"

and the Life Force skillfully moves from one Visual Media to Another

making her Emerging Visual Artist repertoire admirable.

“As an artist I touch the deep, the unconscious, the beyond rational. I embark on a journey to find the true simplistic being, the ideal of being, and the in-between state of reality and beyond connecting the two in a mutual ground leaving the explanation and understanding open for the viewer to experience within his/her own understanding at his/her present moment of being, his/her presence and within his/her being.”



Graak is an educated filmmaker with a Degree from the prestigious University of Arts London, London College of Communication (alumn 2006).

She was taught by the cult filmmakers William Raban and Ken McMullen concentrating her studies on Fiction Directing and Editing.

She never felt herself as a classical filmmaker, but was always drawn more towards something in between

Fine Arts Filmmaking and Classical Story Telling not quite crossing either genre.

Graak made her career as an Editor, Camera Person and Director in Film and TV and as a Digital Broadcast Media Producer in London, UK.

She worked in sound design and animation, directing live broadcast events and shoots and doing live vision mixing.

2016 Graak made the desicion to leave the film- and live broadcasting behind and concentrate on exploring her own short

artistic dance movement based musical video productions, some of her dreams since childhood.

Graak Produces and Directs her own artistic short films.

With the Art Society Soho's 1 Years Birthday Bash

at "The Lights of Soho"

London, UK, February 2016

Signing "The Evolution NO.1"

Helsinki, Finland, Nov. 2015

With the Art Society Soho

at "The Lights of Soho"

London, UK, August 2015