Portrait Photography



"I do portraits. I only do portraits. Yes, I enjoy landscape, still life, but there are so many better pghotographers out there, that why would I try to "fit in" when I have a skill to find the soul through my lense and communicate the individual's inner wisdom to the world.

Having the priviledge to investigate a person in such detail, the intimacy of being allowed to look deep into the individual's soul, to see all that richness of life lived in every smallest movement, they way the person breaths, the way the person lowers the head and raises his/her sight, the empowernment the individual feels with the couraging compliments, the truth, that I see through my lense.

There is no ugliness. Not in the true being. This is learnt and we believe in it. Everyone of us has the beauty within, this just needs to be found. I am on the quest to find that inner beauty."



Photographers Artistic Statement:


orders to cover our truest identity, but in a trusting, healing environment there is a possibility to find the true beauty of the soul behind the person and capture a glimpse of this. It is always in the eyes, in the smallest manners and the position of the face, the shoulders.


I am not after classical beauty: we are all beautiful, one just needs to find the right angle. I am after the "truth", truth exposing a piece of itself connecting to the borders built. For me it is not a portrait, for me it is a window.


This defines me as a portrait photographer. I touch the individual soul and bring a little part of the truth with me through the lens.



"Timeless in Space" at the LemoArt Gallery, July 2016, at the "Alternate Universe" Exhibition by Rigulio Graak

Performed: Aldina Michelle Topcagic & Claudia Iglesias Ungo. Photography: Rigulio Graak



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