Android Series

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"The Android Exhibition” tackles the question of Humanity

The corporate&individual overtake and the monetarism is killing Individual Free Thinking.

We ARE turning into Androids? When is the ‘Homo Sapiens’ being upgraded to the next level of Evolutionary Existence:

‘Homo Androidus’, from “Wise Man” to “Bicentennial Man”?


"The Android - Dreams"


Media: Mixed Media; Photography, Free Hand Drawing, Digital Painting Size: 9x7 inches (image)

"The Android - Light"


Media: Mixed Media; Photography, Free Hand Drawing, Digital Painting Size: 9x7 inches (image)


"The Android - Goddess Series"


Goddess 1-7 the original Android compositions

Goddess 8-14 the original hand drawings from the compositions

Goddess 15-21 the making of images mixed from the originals and hand drawings



Media: Mixed Media; Photography, Free Hand Drawing, Digital Painting Size: 9x7 inches (image)

"The Android - Fascimiles"


The Series works as a Hand Painted Limited Edition Series of 4, where the next version of the Art Work is painted on light table from the previous version print.

This how the whole Limited Edition of 4 Artworks are not only individuals and handmade, but the series is ever changing and alive.


Media: Hand drawn and painted with ink on hand made Nepalese papers (I use a range of Nepalese Papers hence the change in look).

The works are designed for Light Boxes.

Size: 29.7 x 42.0cm


Artist Proof Versions: An "Artist Proof" version is made from the Fascimile NO2. The "AP" version is at a Private Collection in Indonesia.

Mixed Publicity and Exhibitions



"I like to take a Philo-Psychological take on the Humanity in 'the Android Series', using “Human”

as the main subject in creation."



“The Android Exhibition” tackles the question of Humanity. The History of the Human Race is openly debated, whether it follows the path of Darwinism which even the author stated as “a Theory until proven different” and is out-ruled with Scientific Dissent, or takes a more “Prometheus” way of entering the Gaia.


The question behind ‘Individual Collectivism’ is “What defines a human?”

1.A member of the primate genus Homo, especially a member of the species Homo sapiens

2.A person


What makes a person -personality?

“Having or showing those positive aspects of nature and character regarded as distinguishing humans from other animals: an act of human kindness.”

-Are Megalomaniac Leaders Human Person’s or “Humane” - showing compassion or benevolence?


The recent development of AI shows “Humane Human Person Features”, with far higher intelligence&knowledge space than an individual thinker. Stephen Hawking warns this could be the end of Human Race.


The medical revolution uses artificial replacements to repair humans. We are creating apps to monitor our existence, transferring the data to the Matrix. Where is the breaking point? Are we being turned into programmed robots away from our native position on co-existing natural and holistic ways with the Mother Earth?


The corporate&individual overtake and the monetarism is killing Individual Free Thinking. We ARE turning into Androids? When is the ‘Homo Sapiens’ being upgraded to the next level of Evolutionary Existence: ‘Homo Androidus’, from “Wise Man” to “Bicentennial Man”?


Making of Androids. RAW images and development photos


The Androids are built in layers:


1 - The original images were shot over few nights using the iMac Photobooth.

2 - Basic compositions were arranged in Photoshop and then printed out.

3 - The free hand drawings were designed over the composition scans through tracing paper (not for sale/display).

4 - The traced images were scanned alone and transferred back to Photos….

5 - The final designs were made from original compositions and traced and scanned free hand designs mixed with digital drawing and endless hours of altering and painting the images.

6 - The different series "Dreams" "Light" "Goddes" "Fascimiles" are what resulted in the experiment.

The Story:


I started to create the Androids in my livingrooom at London, Blackheath one tired evening in September 2009. I had found the Photo Booth Mirror effect from my iMac and was absolutely fascinated about it! I wanted to explore the possibilities the effect would provide and was imagining making these strange human like figurative compositions of the mirrored images. Naturally the series had to be done in nude. I had a good couple of hours session in front of the camera with the only limitation being the space available. The images were very alien like, yet very human like as well, and I had thoughts of all sorts of genetic manipulation and mixing the foreign and human DNA flashing my mind. "The Androids" was the result of endless hours in front of Photoshop. The series had to be done at 7 works.



I printed the compositions when I moved to Helsinki, Finland at summer 2010 and started to work with the free hand drawings. The drawings decorated my walls for few years and in my return to UK early 2012 I carried the drawings at my hand luggage, wondering if they'd ever see the daylight. I now only had an idea of the merged series of the compositions decorated with the hand drawn images and the "Light" series was coming along under working name "Android White". I also had a series of funky experimental darker works with light outlines mainly from inverted images. The series was pretty gross, but one work that resulted from the experiment stood out and I couldn't stop thinking of it.



2014 I started to work with the images again, this time with great determination and finished the series I had in mind. I cleaned the original pink series on Photoshop and added the outlines together. The "Light" series was coming along great and had cold tones of blue all over, reflecting the Finnish winter and snow. The series was very cold and differed with the tones between the 7 versions. Some works were more warm and some were pink.


I digged the darker image with light outlines from my archives, "Dreams NO.1", and imagined to create the counterpart for the white series. The series was to be blue in reflect of the Finnish flag and the the opposing play with white and dark excited me. The series was

coming along flying. All works somehow wanted to have great individuality.

When the series were almost done, I showed them to few of my friends. I had the original compositions, the hand drawn series and the white and the blue series. Everyone had their favourites, but there was something in common: everyone loved the original compositions with pink background I had randomly added on at the beginning while making the compositions.


As the blue series was cold, the light series needed to have some warmer tones. After experimenting with the new tone range, all but one, "Light NO.5", looked much better in pink than original white, cray and blue. I created version after version of the NO.5 sending the versions to my family's and close friends approval battling with the smallest changes questioning "how can I change something perfect to be perfect again?" the task was impossible. I ended up printing 2 A.P. versions of the White series before settling on the final versions that were more fragile and sensitive that I ever imagined. The series had to be called the "Light" and "Dreams".


I wanted to create a mid series from the original compositions and the hand drawn scans, and had a little unfinished work waiting for me on screen when I returned form the coffee break, which had parts of the white on show here and there. I sat down and fell in love with the Goddess NO.16. It was my "Art-Deco" series to be. I just loved the play between the finished and original works and had to get this done! My exhibition was almost complete.



Early 2015 I did the final touches to the works. I always designed the original hand drawn images to be displayed at light boxes, and loved the idea of turning the light off and on and watching the images transform. Sadly the Staedler pen on tracing paper wouldn't cover all areas of black fully, and the images on tracing paper were very battered. I had deep affection to the drawings as well and couldn't imagine having to depart from them. I bought a range of papers, pens and eventually inks, and tried experimenting with the materials. After a series of experiments, I found hand made Nepalese Papers and some beautiful black inks, as well as the Light Frames I wanted to display the images on. I enlarged the original hand drawn images, printed them out one more time and spent a good couple of hours on drawing and painting the images with ink pencils and liquid ink over a Light Box my artist friend borrowed me. One "Artist Proof" version is made from the NO.2.



The Android Exhibition was now finished and the Original Art Works are now finding their way around the world as

"The Android Series".



The process has been extremely exciting and I loved every second of it. It has been eye opening and transferring the works from one media to another has come with great challenges and countless of hours of hard work. Yet, I would believe that this will be one of my only digital artwork series, as my true passion is in working with the materials with my hands, touching and feeling the shapes and forms and smelling the pens, pencils and colour medias, touching the papers with my own hands. The series left a big hole in my heart, as the earliest I could touch the works was from when I got them from print. So this will likely to be one of my only digital art series, precious, long term and very hardly worked on.

As Framed