Fine Art


Full duration from sketching 14 hours

Selected ART WORKS


Galaxy Series


3 Dimensional wall paintings exploring the space

Heart Space


Surface Designed heart shaped sculptures

Expanding Matrix


Geometric figurative paintings exploring spiritualism and the existence

The Evolution Series


3 Dimensional light installation wall paintings exploring spiritualism, world religions and isms

The Android Series


Nude self-portraits mixed with freehand drawing mixed with digital painting exploring the existence of humankind and the future of robotics and artificial intelligence

Exotic Organs


Medical organ cross-sections turned into exotic flowery formation exploring the international organ trade, organ memory, medical future of human implantation and the humanity and robotics

"Creating is an expression of my being. My art represents me, my understanding and my innermost deepest feelings.

Creating art is my social communication, creativity is my voice.


Creating is the definition of my existence. It is the silently signed contract with the Creation to share the multi leveled artistry gifted.

I return my gift in the form of multi artistic concepts, productions and craft”





I am a perfectionist. I demand tremendous amounts from myself.

When I make drawings or paintings, I take the highest attention to the smallest detail. The smallest mistakes make me shiver.

Abstract art is my attempt to rip myself away from the perfectionism and attempt to float freely against my core beliefs.

Abstract is an endless struggle and fight that I challenge myself into again and again.

It has consumed me, as within abstract, I feel that I can not achieve the perfectionism that eventually does happen,

as I allow myself some tiny details within the finishing of the paintings.


I love this battle with myself. It is fullfilling. I have hundreds and hundreds of abstract paintings at home, which I freely donate away.