Crossing Mediums


Experimental on-going Physical Movement Film and Live Show project

"In the experimental Short Film an Live Format the dancer or the physically moving artist

interpretes the composed musical piece to the audience via visual media.

The format is based on Synesthesia where the individual's senses are creating mixed sensory experiences."

"Crossing Mediums - The Beginning" with Aldina Topcagic - teasers

The idea was created by Graak 2012 while she worked in London as a Producer producing live Broadcasts online and listening to music. She received a private message on chat from her manager saying "we really love your voice, but it's a little hard to concentrate when you are tapping rhythm all the time with your feet".

She had no idea the music had totally taken over her. Soon she started to explore into the idea of how the music affects individual, and eventually found a respons for it all: Synesthesia. Soon the different elements started to fly in: Graak wanted to show the world what she could feel and see in music.

-Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which a person experiences "crossed" responses to stimuli. It occurs when stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway (e.g., hearing) leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway (e.g., vision). About 5 percent of the population has synesthesia



APRIL 2018 brought the London audience the "IN-FUSION" performance at the FUSION IV Arts Festival by The Cult House. This production is made under the Art Society Soho Helsinki

The experimental performance format brings the audience a dance movement based live body painted performance. In the format the artist interprets the composed musical piece to the audience via visual media.

"I work with two composed musical pieces with the approx duration of 5 minutes each and two canvases. 1st piece is Original music soundtrack by SHA - Sound Hybrid Artist & Aurélie Sivaciyan Singer : Aurélie Sivaciyan © 2009 Sphere of Creation. 2nd piece is Original composition by Taide'n Borg, Omicron Ceti lll. The canvas size is 360x210cm

The art work is for sale - use the contact form for enquiries.



“Crossing Mediums - The Beginning”


Producer, Director, Art Director: Rigulio Graak

Dance Performance: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Musical Concept and Direction: Rigulio Graak

Music and Music Production: Sebastian Galassi

Improvised Guest Pianist: Rigulio Graak 

Director of Photography: Dan Öhman

Costume: Maikki Tielinen

Visual Post-Production: Rigulio Graak

Special thanks to Isael Cruz Rojas and Jyri Mustakallio

Sposored by: Austrian Embassy Helsinki, Goethe Institute, Laavu Filmi, Kinos Cine Rentals, Tikkurila

Prints from the original art work are for sale - use the contact form for enquiries.



"Timeless in Space" live

"Crossing Mediums" live

"Crossing Mediums - the Beginning"

"Crossing Mediums - the Beginning" had its preview at the "Crossing Arts" exhibition in Graz Austria

The combined mixed media arts exhibition was the brainchild of Aldina Michelle Topcagic and Rigulio Graak. The artists met orginally in Berlin at Graak's Solo Exhibition summer 2016, when the dancer by sudden walked in and introduced herself. In few days time the artists were on full creation with the "Timeless in Space - Berlin" with live dance intervention by Aldina Topcagic and Claudia Iglesias Ungo at the exhibition space photographed by Rigulio Graak.

"Timeless in Space" is Aldina's lifework and passion, a contemporary live dance installation

The artists put together the "Art Alive Kulturverein" arts association and Graak invited Aldina to Helsinki to perform the first part of the "Crossing Mediums" saga. The artists thought to create also the "Timeless in Space - Helsinki", which Graak produces at the "Musiikkitalo" in Helsinki.

The "Crossing Arts" exhibition got its name after the "Crossing Mediums". Originally the exhibition was to have the "Timeless in Space" Global photographed performances exhibited with the live dance intervention with some of the dancers. But after the Crossing Mediums idea was proposed, the exhibition expanced to have also the extra video installation, the original painted painting previewed and the danced "Crossing Mediums" live performance.

The "Crossing Arts" exhibition was succesfully produced and realised by Aldina Topcagic.

"Timeless in Space - Berlin" 2016


Aldina Topcagic and Claudia Iglesias Ungo


Rigulio Graak

"Timeless in Space - Helsinki" 2016


Aldina Topcagic


Rigulio Graak


Dan Öhman, Laavufilmi


“Crossing Mediums - the Exploration” - YEAR TBC (FILM)

SWEDEN/FINLAND  Planning - The Crossing Mediums Artistic Dance Format continues building up starring the Stockholm based performer starlet

“Crossing Mediums - in the Flux” - YEAR TBC (FILM)

FINLAND  Planning - Thibaul Monnier - FUTURE COLLABORATION